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Oberammergau Passion Play 2020

There are few experiences in the world that are truly unique, unforgettable and without parallel, and the Oberammergau Passion Play is certainly one of them.  And so you don’t miss out on this theatrical event - which only happens every ten years and tickets are limited - now’s the time to register your interest.

The story dates back to 1633, when the Great Plague descended on a tiny Alpine village in Bavaria. Many died, but when hope was almost gone, the villagers solemnly vowed that if those who still lived were spared, they would enact a play depicting Christ’s suffering, death and resurrection.

Miraculously, the Plague took no more lives and true to their vow, the villagers enacted their first play in 1634 and have done so ever since, through war and peace, every ten years.

Don’t miss out!

Oberammergau Passion Play 2020 - Register your interest

In 1633, The Great Plague descended on Bavaria. The villagers of Oberammergau made a solemn vow that, if lives were spared the whole village would enact a play depicting the story of Christ’s suffering, dying and resurrection. Miraculously the Plague did not claim any more lives and so true to their vows, the villagers of Oberammergau enacted their first play in 1634. They have continued to do so every decade since in spite of wars and other problems. Famous throughout the world, the Passion Play attracted over 500,000 people in 2010. The play is expected to run from mid-May to the beginning of October 2020.

Pre-register for your chance to witness this world-famous play of life and death which returns to the beautiful Bavarian town in 2020.



The Passion Play

Passion Play
The performers come from 
Oberammergau and its surrounding villages. The year before, all the men taking part grow their hair and beards to make the look authentic.


Oberammergau is a small, medieval village in southern Germany, which is not only known for its production of the Passion Play, but for its beauty too.


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